The other day I took a wrong turn while driving, and got a bit lost.  I saw an officer pulled over, writing a ticket – probably for speeding.  I parked behind him, and walked up to his window – feeling cautious, for some reason, about not surprising him.  I said, “Hi – I’m lost…” something like that – and he started complaining – that the next time I shouldn’t walk up to him while he’s writing a ticket.  I felt the hint of a threat behind his voice- in other words, if you do that again, lady, you never know what will happen.  (In other words, he may see ME as a threat, and possibly pull a gun on me?  Yikes!)  So I said, “Never mind – I’ll ask someone else, feeling quite annoyed.”  As I was driving away, I said somewhat loudly, “I thought you were a public servant – I pay taxes, you know.”

I personally think it was pathetic that he was suspicious of a mature innocent-looking woman approaching him.  (I guess he always has to have it the other way- where HE approaches the “bad guy”).  The suspicion and possible fear in a person who is carrying a gun, sounds like a dangerous combination to me.    So who the heck hired him, to “herd” all us lowly cattle (who had better stay in line!)?     Thanks for listening,  Joanne


About joannecali

I am a self-made interior decorator (though I've completed half of a certif. course); a writer; and volunteer English (as second language) teacher. I was a legal secretary, waitress, sales clerk and diet counselor in the past. I have a wonderful 18-year-old son. I have taught myself to do water-color painting, and wish to learn more about acrylic painting.
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