The Whole World’s Crazy

HELLO Any Listeners:  Do you agree, or disagree with the published below, which I wrote?  By the way, you might notice that now your regular physical exams may often be amended with “mental health screening” – to detect people who fit into one of the thousands of new “disorders” – which, in fact, are names attached to every Normal human behavior.  For example, can you think of ANYone you know, who does not fit into one of these new categories??

Anyway, here is the letter:

The below letters are in response to the article entiteld States Sue Over Costly Drug Program – Florida Undecided: <>< Editor/letLET012008.htm>

Datona Beach News Journal

Letters to the Editor for Jan. 20, 2008

Drugging not way to go

As a former remedial teacher in private schools in Florida, I think all criticism leveled against psychiatric programs escalating and expanding the drugging of babies, toddlers, kids and teens is justified.  This is not the way to go.  I worked with grammar school kids who had difficulty in class.  I had great success using a variety of techniques, including the great Maria Montessori techniques for teaching.

Then, I had a cousin who couldn’t sleep.  He was in his late 20s.  He had other physical problems, not yet determined.  This had been going on for quite a while, and though he was suffering, he was living with it.  His family physician prescribed antidepressants.  A week, or less, later, he was found dead in his room (in bed).

Babies and kids, just like all of us, have moods.  Kids have trouble learning, just like all of us.  Kids — especially boys — are active.  This is a good thing, not “bad.”  Moods are not “wrong,” they are not “illness” or “disorders.”  Moods are responses and indicators of something, be it school, other kids, teachers, possible physical illnesses, etc.  To determine the problem and solve it is the correct action.  Drugging the kid so he doesn’t feel that emotion is like playing God.  It’s arrogant and wrong and has backfired and will backfire.

We’re losing our new generation to psychiatry’s critical view of the world:  “Kids should be seen, not heard” “Religion is just a crutch”; “We should control all emotions and behaviors.”  These are dangerous views, and we should not be supporting them with unthinking agreement or with our tax money.  I cringe to think that my tax dollars are going to drug foster kids, prisoners and soldiers.  And yet that’s precisely where they are going!

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The other day I took a wrong turn while driving, and got a bit lost.  I saw an officer pulled over, writing a ticket – probably for speeding.  I parked behind him, and walked up to his window – feeling cautious, for some reason, about not surprising him.  I said, “Hi – I’m lost…” something like that – and he started complaining – that the next time I shouldn’t walk up to him while he’s writing a ticket.  I felt the hint of a threat behind his voice- in other words, if you do that again, lady, you never know what will happen.  (In other words, he may see ME as a threat, and possibly pull a gun on me?  Yikes!)  So I said, “Never mind – I’ll ask someone else, feeling quite annoyed.”  As I was driving away, I said somewhat loudly, “I thought you were a public servant – I pay taxes, you know.”

I personally think it was pathetic that he was suspicious of a mature innocent-looking woman approaching him.  (I guess he always has to have it the other way- where HE approaches the “bad guy”).  The suspicion and possible fear in a person who is carrying a gun, sounds like a dangerous combination to me.    So who the heck hired him, to “herd” all us lowly cattle (who had better stay in line!)?     Thanks for listening,  Joanne

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Hello world!

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